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Papa roach - last resort

Papa Roach vocalist Jacoby Shaddix described the song as a "cry for help". He also said "That song was about one of my best friends, and then 12–13 years later, that song was about me. I found myself in that place, where I was like, "I can't go on this way. I can't do it anymore."" [7] Shaddix said that "Last Resort" is about a roommate he had who tried to commit suicide. Shaddix then said: "We caught him and took him to the hospital and he went into a mental facility and then he came out the other side better. He actually found God through the process, which was kind of crazy. So he's on a whole different path of his life now, which is cool. I'm really proud of him for the changes he's made in his life." [8] "Last Resort" is influenced by hip hop music . Both The Fugees and Wu-Tang Clan influenced the song. Although the song doesn't feature piano , the song was composed with piano. Papa Roach member Tobin Esperance said: "I've written songs on piano – actually, 'Last Resort' with that whole little riff/melody thing, that's done on the piano. And then I just transferred it to the guitar." [6] Speaking about the making of and inspiration behind the song, Esperance said:

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Papa Roach - Last ResortPapa Roach - Last ResortPapa Roach - Last ResortPapa Roach - Last Resort