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Lady gaga - the cherrytree sessions

Asked about potentially working in residency somewhere in Vegas one day while promoting his new Man of the Woods album, Timberlake laughed and said (below):

We recently read that Lady Gaga is considered the #1 entertainer in the world. And then we found out that she is the #1 followed person on Twitter. And with out inbox continuously flooded with requests to profile her, we keep thinking... Haven't we seen this before? The crazy outfits, the one-word pseudonym (if you drop the "Lady"), the large gay following, the manufactured controversy, the risque behavior... Hello? Doesn't that all sound like Madonna, only 20 years later? Even their backgrounds are the same: both are Italian, born Catholic. (No, dear readers, Lady Gaga is not Jewish, big nose or not big nose. She is also not a man... as far as we can tell. OK, we can't tell for sure. It's not like we... eh, never mind. Lady Gaga: Not a Jew. Probably Not a Man. Moving on.) So it's all mapped out for Gaga: a failed showbiz marriage or two, an attempt at a movie career, adoption of third world babies, and, of course, dabbing with a fringe religion. The only question is, what will that religion be? Since Madonna has the Kabbalah market covered, our money is on... Hmmmm. has a ring to it, doesn't it? Verdict: Not a Jew . September 27, 2010

Lady GaGa - The Cherrytree SessionsLady GaGa - The Cherrytree SessionsLady GaGa - The Cherrytree SessionsLady GaGa - The Cherrytree Sessions